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Thank you for your service. Guys you are great!

- Franco  2016-01-25

Thanks to your agency now we are engaged and soon will be the hapiest day of our life.

- Anthony (USA) 2015-04-21

Dear Single Brides agency

I would like to seize an opportunity to say a big thank to you  and your agency.  I met a girl on-line through your service line on January in this year. I traveled to Moscow to meet her on February and in June we were married on a beautiful ceremony in Russia. We are very much in love and we are very happy to be together.  I consider myself that I am very lucky man.  I would to recommend your site to everybody wishing to find a love.
P.S.  We are expecting our first baby !   (Russian women are the best!)

Thank you

-Dean (UK, London)   2015-10-15


Я хотела бы поблагодарить вас за вашу помощь в поиске мужа. Я нашла любимoва человека, который заботится о нашей семье. Теперь каждый день для нас всех, полный счастья и любови.

-Лена (Москва) 2010-10-05

I have found someone from your service and I am very happy.
I will recommend your service to everybody.
Thank you very much.

- Patrick (USA) 2010-09-01

I was very pleased with the service that you provided for me.

- Roberto (USA) 2010-07-24

I have met a wonderful person, thanks to you. We are very happy.

- B. Williams (United Kingdom) 2010-06-07

Dear Single Brides Agency,

Thank you for providing me with the best service on the web.

- Daniel H. (USA) 2010-05-05

I have met a woman through your site. She is with me now.
Thank you for your assistance.
Yours sincerely

- Rodrigo (CANADA)  2010-05-02

I would like to tell you that I have met a wonderful woman through your site.
And we got married on March 22, 2009. Thank you for all your help.

- Johan  (USA) 2010-04-19


Thank you for your amazing service. I have met the most wonderful girl. She is just perfect and made me very happy. Thank you very much for helping to introduce me to my Nell. You have made such differences on my life.

- Nigel (United Kingdom) 2010-02-21

Dear Sir, Madam.

Thanks a lot for your services and for helping me find the woman of my life.

 Thanks a lot for everything.

- Demetrius (Cyprus) 2010-01-17

Dear Brides Agency,

Thanks for your great service I think I have found the right person.

- Johan  (Netherlands) 2009-12-03

I found MORE then I was hoping for.

Thank you VERY MUCH.

- Andrei (USA) 2009-10-05 

I have met someone and I am planning to pursue this relationship.

I want to thank you for your wonderful service its a Godsend. Thanks.

- Jorge  (USA) 2009-10-01 

I have found my Wife with the great help of this site!

Bent  (Denmark) 2009-09-29

I really appreciate the quality of your site. I have had a very good experience. Success!

- Eric A (USA) 2009-09-10

I have found a wonderful candidate and I am working towards getting her here in America to marriage me.

- Elton (USA) 2009-08-12

Thank you for your good services.

God bless you!

- Maria (USA) 2009-05-26

I have found one special lady from Moscow and I am going to meet her.

- Nicolas (Greece) 2009-03-25

I have met a husband on your site and will no longer need for your services.

Thank you for providing me with an excellent way of meeting many nice men and finding for me the right one!

Thank you,

- Catalina (Russia) 2008-11-17

I have met so great women through your events! I've been on other similar event, but yours are the best

 - you are the most organized, have the best people and REALLY know how to host and run a fantastic event.

Thanks a lot!

- Dan C. (Canada) 2007-10-09

I would like to let you know that I found someone through your site. I would also like to let you know that we have grown really close... thank you for having this site available for people like me and her to meet. Without it I probably would not have met her.

Thank you!

- Alex (Netherlands) 2008-09-12 

Thanks to Single Brides Agency that I have found someone very special, and I really don't want to have anybody else on my life. I just want to thank you for a great service and I have recommended this site to my friends also. Thank you once again and I wish you all the best in the future. I hope that more members will be as happy as we are.

- David  (USA) 2007-08-05

Dear Single Brides Agency

We don't know whether the rest of the stories are true. Ours certainly is. We have met thanks to your site. And after two years of  intense relationship, we were happily married in summer .

- John & Tatiana (Germany) 2007-07-23

Please send us yours