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Second date with russian mail order bride.

First Date - a very exciting event, if you met russian mail order bride on a dating site and are worried whether people would be as he described himself on the date site. This is reminiscent of the interview when applying for a job. So, the first meeting was held, and the second is around the corner, and you're worried. Do not worry, it can go well. The main thing to follow simple tips to help you make a successful second date.

Feel free to choose a date for the second public place, and let it be more flirting. Here are a few ideas:

• Swimming pool and barwith a pool. Here you can become physically close to each other, and had a nice chat, find each
other in close proximity.

• Jazz Club. Jazz inspires sexy dance, also nice to sit and listen to good music without having to talk all the time. And while the jazz band will take a break, you can witty joke with each other.

• Restaurant. If you do not want to spend much on a first date, you can visit the restaurant on the second date . Restaurant - a convenient place to get to know each other better.

• A quiet bar. Drink alcohol on a first date - not a good idea, as nerves often get the upper hand over us, and sometimes it ends up being a person drinks more than he had intended. On the second date, you will not be so hard to get nervous, and you can relax without getting drunk. You can safely communicate and gather courage for a farewell kiss.

Some places require a certain pastime. Play pool, dance, dine together - all good lessons, but there are also many other
interesting activities.

• If the weather is good - grab a chessboard and go together to the park to play chess. This is an easy, fun and a great way to get to know each other.

• Sports. If you enjoy sports, you can get an adrenaline rush from the exercise and warm up for a good round off the evening.

• The quest for gifts. If your date happens in winter, this time of year would be a great idea to go together for New Year's gifts. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone.

• Offer to buy ice cream and arrange pick flavor that both of you have never tried. Will be just fine to make a new discovery, and get to know each other.

If you want  the third date, you should make sure that you really know each other, and there is a connection between you. On this occasion you must listen more than talk. You know yourself, but you do not know your pair. Avoid the standard questions: "How many of your brothers and sisters?" And so on. Ask more interesting questions for the daily life of your contact. That is why the fine is set, for example, this question: "How was your week?". Communicate as if you've always known each other.

On the second date, you can kiss goodbye, but before that set of physical contact. If you walk, take a companion's hand or put her / his hand on my shoulder, hugged. Do not touch the feet or the other, more intimate places, such as arms, shoulders or neck.

If your mate / companion no strong religious or other beliefs, kiss on the first date is considered absolutely normal. Here's how to make it better?

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Before climbing the stairs or go to the door, pause, and skip it before me. This is a great way to easily approach her for a kiss. Never ask if you can kiss her, just zoom in on her to him slowly, so that if it is against, it was able to show it. Kiss should be easy, short and unobtrusive. Would be a plus, if you kiss her once, and if all goes well, then try again. After the return kiss wished good night. And wait to continue.

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If a guy is shy, and take him by the hand, when you go home (if you are traveling by car, simply touch his hands.) This will be a sign that you like it. When you approach the door, pause. When you talk to him, gently touch the collar of his shirt or jacket.

If you see a guy you sympathize, but hesitates to kiss, it is natural to ask for it. This will give him a chance to feel initiated the kiss. And also show him that you are willing to continue the relationship. Do not overdo it tightly with kisses. Follow these tips, and your third date will be forthcoming.