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Relationship with mail order bride

Since ancient times, the social roles between the sexes were distributed so that the man is the breadwinner and the woman - the guardian of the hearth. Thousand years of success building relationships in this way confirms the effectiveness of the separation of functions. Of course, russian mail order brideshould develop, make money, have a hobby, interact with other people - all this will allow it to be an interesting personality and attract the attention of a young man. But all is know when to stop and dive headlong into a job is definitely not necessary. Strong women, as well as weak men are a delicacy and is not to everyone's taste.

Even if you did a fantastic career and position with the salary you are higher than those chosen, it does not cancel his desire to look like a leader in the relationship, and expect your female gentleness and humility. So how do you allow a man to be leading in the relationship, but on the other side does not lose its identity?

In the relationship with the girl (mail order bride) the guy needs to feel ahunter, to fight for her attention. Those relationships, which we pay a lot of time and effort are more valuable to us. Communicating with friends, friends, flirting with other young people will help your darling feel you lose the opportunity, the desire to prove that he is better than these others. Love for the race and wins does not pass in men throughout life. We sin not to use this knowledge.

But do not go too far, it is important to dose the situation, causing a guy jealous, or exposure of your independence. In another case, a man tired of the constant struggle for you, and leave the girl with whom he will feel their necessity, which may not be as good, but comfortable. It is important to understand the man, on the one hand, you have it and he can trust you, on the other hand, as soon as he relaxes, you can lose - this is the golden mean, which one must strive for all relationships.

How to get the guy what you want? Mail order bride awarded on the nature of craft - that is our main weapon and a way to manipulate men. No need to claim from the guy momentary obedience and fulfillment of all their desires. Lusk and
languid eyes of any man break the resistance. The guy is important to understand that he has this or that decision, without anybody's pressure, not because it led to this force.

In other words, do not engage in dialogue with the man in the form of an ultimatum, to blackmail him, to put a choice, because in most cases it does not choose you. And not because you do not it expensive, but because they need to feel freedom, even if it does not use it ever. Any young person is important to feel close mail order bride comfortable, desirable, to feel its necessity, its understanding and caring. Hardly anyone will refuse this sense of free will.