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Love horoscope


Aries is a candid, open, generous and enthusiastic friend. He likes to have fun and be in a major company focus. He is quickly annoyed by other people's slowness or moderation. Although being a sensitive and even romantic, he can ignore other people's feelings. Aries motto "all or nothing" applies to love as well. If he is in love he is reckless. His innate impatience can force him to change partners frequently, but once he found his life's love he is faithful and permanent. Aries high temper fuels a lot of strives, but fortunately the anger does not last long. Aries are extremely dedicated to their children. For them Aries can even sacrifice his life. This is the most loving and willing to defend father (or mother) around the zodiac. A tip - if your loved one is Aries, give him 100% of your attention, praise, pet him and be proud of him. Do not attempt to control him. Both men and women are moved by passionate words and gentle touches.




Taurus is more smart and practical than intellectual. His patron Venus awarded him with a gentle charm, a pleasant voice and a sense of humour that attracts people to him. He is warm, sensitive, friendly, tolerant and very reliable. He may be a very good friend although his self-restraint sometimes is dull. Taurus is patient, peaceful and kind-hearted. You need to try hard to unbalance him but if you enrage him you better be careful. It becomes uncontrollable than he is angry and feels grievance for a long time. Taurus is also quite jealous and possessive. He can see a friend or loved one as his property. Taurus just can not imagine his life without love. Although they are romantics they do not always know how to show their feelings. They replace love words with actions and gifts. You may not fear that the Taurus man will leave for the younger woman. They are loyal, devoted and loving spouse and wonderful parents.



For Gemini communication is necessary as air. They are humorous, original, charming, witty and forever young. They are soul of the company. Usually noisy group of friends they like more than a closed family circle. To Gemini you can confide and console and taking it more with reason than the heart, he will give you
good advice. It is easy to communicate with them, but do not expect sentimentality or showing of emotions from them. In addition, he will reserve his innermost thoughts to himself. When Gemini are in love they can be as volatile as everywhere else. Love for them is like a game, they love to flirt and charm, but does not seek for a strong love relations. They can be loyal only when they become mature. If a Gemini man finds interesting, intelligent woman with common interests, he will give her respect and full attention.




Cancers love to communicate. For a subtle sense of humour they may be the soul of the party when they are in a good mood. Despite the fluctuations in their mood they are very loyal and caring friends. As Cancer’s sign he often "grows on a hard shell." For others they seem rather cold, acting purposefully, steadfast in their beliefs, wise and sometimes philosophical. But people close to the Cancer see him completely different. In a family he is sensitive, compassionate, paternalistic and selfless. For a woman of this sign family and home will always be in the first place. She is extremely soft and feminine, dutiful wife and devoted mother. She will be glad to abide to manly husband but he must not forget her sensitive nature, be her support and shelter. Cancer men are gallant and cheerful gentlemen, knowing how to assist a lady but until he finds his soul mate he can be very volatile. Cancers are not particularly manly, they are sensitive and kind-hearted, love children, respect and understand woman, they are vulnerable and lack of self-esteem. They have a kind of childish naivety, which causes a woman to take the initiative and act a little motherly. By the way, men can be unfaithful, but never leave the family, because they consider themselves as the defenders of it.


Leos hate being alone. They are very dramatic and love to be in profile. Subservience to simply "disarms. They are almost constantly surrounded by people who admire them and often organize receptions and pay people to entertain. They will never be bored. They are sincere and faithful friends. With gladly help. Pleasures for Leo are in the first place. They are extremely passionate and so attractive to the opposite sex that is sometimes difficult to be loyal. For Leo husband it is very important to be the best and most manly lover. He will suffer if he is not able to satisfy his partner. Since Leo is a masculine man, he is soft and playful in love. He is never rude. They are sincere and generous to their love objects as long as they love, but no one can leave a mistress or a lover with such indifference as Leo. Leo’s feelings can be deep and sincere, so if they manage to find a suitable partner, they appreciate the strong, gentle and long-term relationships over short romances. For wives Leo chooses a woman whom can boast in front of everyone. Leos love children, love to play with them, but require discipline.




Virgos maintain youthful appearance and vibrancy for life. Communicating with people Virgo is restrained, reliable, sincere, gentle and caring, both men and women are quite chatty. She appreciates other people's education and intelligence and is always ready to help if you have a problem. Even when they fall in love Virgos do not loose common sense. They are not rushing to establish love relationship and commit. Marriage for them - is a serious decision and not the result of passion. Once they decide they are very stable and loyal. Virgos should try not to over analyze a partner.


Libras are very friendly, open, like to have fun and have a wonderful sense of humour. Near them people feel free and unfettered. Popularity gain easily. They would rather lie than hurt another person but sometimes they show too little human warmth and attention to others. Libras are true masters of flirtation. They are looking for intelligent, peaceful and fun partner with whom would be spiritual closeness and equivalent relationship. Libras’ marriage is usually strong because they do not hold grudge, they are tolerant and understanding. People of this sign are romantics and love-seekers. They always know which person they are looking for. To a lover often looks like to an art of work, idealizes and admired from afar. Sensual pleasures offer to him/her less satisfaction than the efforts to win over their object of admiration. For Libras’ love there is some simplicity lacking.





Scorpio you can either love or hate - you can not remain indifferent. Scorpio is extremely loyal to friends and loved ones. For the dear friends he will fight as if for himself. Secrets entrusted to him he will carry to the grave but about his thoughts, feelings and intentions does not speak. Scorpios usually have a lot of friends, but may have big enemies as well. Although the Scorpio is characterized by aggression towards the goal, for the weaker ones he can be surprisingly gentle and patronizing. People of this sign are very romantic and sensual. Love is driving force for Scorpios. They look sexy, even if they are not particularly beautiful. Their eyes are simply radiate sexual energy. For both, men and women, family is important. Only their family life is very lively, full of quarrelling, jealousy and passion. Scorpio woman is interesting, exciting and a good wife, strict to her kids but understanding mother.


Sagittarius is sociable, friendly and optimistic, these characteristics and their idealism and sense of humour captivates almost everyone. They are sincerely interested in what others think so they often seek for help or advice. Sagittarius believes in people and is really honest. But their openness may be understood as a gaffe so they should learn how to choose words more carefully. Endlessly loving freedom, Sagittarius try not to establish long-term relationship, but are always ready to romantic adventures. Sagittarius man can lose his head for a mysterious, honest and independent woman, but as soon as he feels controlled, he will immediately break up. Sagittarius woman has little interest in marriage and children. Even she marries she will not become housewife and will not assist husband and children. Children adore her because she will invent for them, a lot of fun games. She will teach children courage, justice and love for freedom, but with no discipline.




With random people he behaves diplomatically and icily. People often consider them boring and harsh because they do not show their feelings. They are feeling more comfortable with a few close friends than a large company. They are very loyal. Their private and melancholy character is compensated with a stunning sense of humour. They do not pull stupid jokes, their humour is cold and ironic. Capricorn can make people laugh to tears. Capricorn may avoid making new friends because they fear of the unknown and are a little shy. They get married late but for the rest of a life. They know what kind of person they need and when they meet him or her they fall in love at first sight. They are not interested in short novels, because they are afraid to be hurt. They are jealous and do not forgive betrayal.


They are sociable, sincere, good-natured and friendly, thus it easy for them to make friends everywhere. They are loyal, reserved and always ready to help. They do not like to express their emotions. They feel more comfortable in a large company, rather than with one person. When they communicate they try to keep a certain distance and not to establish too close relationships because they are afraid to be exploited. They may be superficial and ignore the views of others. When they are grumpy their anger is very strong, they becomes rude and intractable. Because they fear to lose freedom, they avoid marriage. They are moved by diversity, so love partners may change very quickly. Because of their idealism they sometimes demand for the impossible and are very disappointed if their expectations are unjustified. When they finally choose a partner it is for the rest of life. When they decide that a person is worthy of their friendship or love, they can be selfless and loyal. Aquarius woman is the next most charming after Libra. She is an independent, often feminist, and emotional. She may be a perfect wife if she is not bored with her husband. Meanwhile, Aquarius man is no knight. He rebels against the traditional role of a man in the family and tries to avoid both, breadwinner’s and the father's roles. And it is not worth to be naive hoping that he will change. This is his nature and if it is not acceptable, it is better not start with him.





Close people support is important for Pisces. People under this sign are friendly, generous, sympathetic, do not judge, are always ready to listen and help. They are unselfish and give more than require from others. They are able to understand other person's feelings and know how to keep secrets. They are rarely confided and even if they try often remain not understood. Pisces are very loyal and attached to home. Pisces women are very feminine and emotional. But they are not such devoted housewives as Cancer women. They will have romantic, even platonic love and even can be a source of inspiration for man, muse. Worries of everyday life, home and family budget will have to be taken care of by husband. Pisces woman wants a strong, noble man who would protect, take care of her and to whom she may obey. Men of this sign are charming, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, romantic, have rather soft character and tend to adapt to circumstances. They lack determination.