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Issues that you must to ask before marriage

We know that during the euphoria of love a person does not see around them, and consciousness and their own inner world suddenly closes only on one person. Boring scientists assert that the state of love, we become temporarily insane and even weak-minded, but that did not stop anyone else. Most marriages is precisely this "painful" condition. And then comes the healing, and the couple suddenly see, the sometimes very frustrating. To avoid the painful experience, we offer you a few things that are worth paying attention to and understand with their partner, being of sound mind.

First thing you need to find out - each other's health status. Raising of it should not cause you to hurt, confusion or embarrassment. Acted honestly and useful: take the time to good medical examination. Because you - the parents, and in general it is better to be aware of existing or potential disease at least in order not to add nuts in a cake or not to slip under his breath beloved cat spouse with allergies. Also ask if there are any serious illness in the parents, which can be inherited.

Habits and upbringing plays a significant role in creating a family. So before you was done on wedding costs a little to live together and ask each other all the small everyday habits. Out unpleasant troubles resurface your chosen one, that you do not or vice versa - you both love poking a fork in the teeth at the table, and you are glad that finally found a kindred spirit.

Past. This is a very delicate and subtle point. All mail order bride, as a command, they know what is better not to tell her
chosen, and what you can lift the veil of secret. Definitely should honestly tell future companion criminal record (if any, of course), divorces and children. Anyway, sooner or later the truth will open. Also recognize their psychological traumas and fears.