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Our site join people who are looking for a marriage and long term relationship. We provide service that help people to find each other, no matter in which country they live.

Avoid "scammers"

It's true that internet dating helps people to make a family, but there are some things that you must to know before starting to communicate. Each dating site can be attacked by "scammers". There are some people who use such a dating sites for earning some money.
In fact we really care about all our clients and inform that we support anti-scam program. We warn and inform all our users about all the things that can occur during your communication. We want to protect you against fraud which may be associated with money. If you notice that woman, which is communicating with you, requests from you money, and those claims do not relate to cover travel expenses, immediately report it to us. We will delete her profile from our site.

We are serious agency and we care off all our customers. Do not become victims of scammers! During your communication avoid talking about the money and about how much do you earn. This will protect you from money hunters.
Our anti-scam program will protect you from future troubles and will help you to find honest wife and true love.

Always contact us if you notice something strange

Contact us every time then women, you are communicating with, ask for money. This will help us to delete all scammers from our site. We will offer our assistance in all the cases.

We wish you pleasant communication

Sincerely yours Single Brides Agency